Character creation

Characters for the Indisputable campaign are created using the normal rules for character creation found in the Fate Core rule book.

Remember that character creation is Fate Core is a collaborative process with the ambition to;

  • Tell a part of the character’s story
  • Set the stage for the game to begin

You only need a high concept aspect ready when you show up for the character creation session. The rest of the character will be build collaboratively as a part of the game. It is still your character however. Through all of this you DO retain the right to veto things you do not want to be part of your character. You do not need to state any reason for this, it is your right. But for the benefit of all I suggest you exercise this right judiciously.

The Indisputable campaign uses a customized skill list with only six skills (Skills), so for skill assignment we also use a customized pyramid. You get one skill at Good (3), Two skills at Fair (2) and the remaining three at Average (1).

This obviously puts more emphasis on the stunts for character customization (Stunts). Hence you gain four base stunts (normal is three), and can increase this to five or six by lowering your refresh as normal.

As a special rule for this campaign you may during character creation spend one (and only one) of your stunts to gain a raise in one skill instead. You may use this to increase your Good (3) to a Great (4), if and only if you can justify this by one of your aspects. This rule exists to allow aliens and cyborgs to break the human boundaries in terms of skills and should not be exploited merely for perceived mechanical benefit.

Character creation

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