Moxxu (pronounced Mox-sue), The Most Powerful Weapon of Destruction in the Known Universes

Deep in Morane territory, the massive sentient spaceship Moxxu emerged from Taum space with no knowledge of its origin or purpose. Quickly found by Morane Sorcerer-Scientists, Moxxu introduced itself as “The Most Powerful Weapon of Destruction in the Known Universes”. The Morane were intrigued … especially about the use of the plural in the word Universes.

Aspect: Indestructible and Capable of Destroying Planets

NPC: Trulli B’Kyra (pronounced Troo-lee Bee-car-rah), Murane Sorcerer-Scientist who convinced Moxxu to give him the psychic Control Key

NPC: Vortai T’Xani (pronounced Vor-tie Tee-can-ee), Trulli B’Kyra’s military commander and Commander of the Moxxu (by proxy)

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