Orbital Command Center Inferus

Orbital Command Center Inferus
In orbit around the gas giant Nympha 3

The city-sized OCC Inferus serves as the command center for the Imperial Military forces in the sector. Houses a large number of military personnel and warships as well as a civilian quarter which is used by various traders and service providers not affiliated with the military. The presence of the civilian quarter means there are a lot of people going in and out the station, there are even rumors of heretical elements moving inside Inferus, which makes the Imperial Military nervous.

Military Nerve Center

Persons of interest
Duke Ignatius Cael Victis: High Commander of the Fifth Imperial Fleet and ruler of OCC Inferus.
Jake Smith: Liaison between the civilians and the military high command on OCC Inferus. Retired marine. His actions have done much to lower tensions between the military and civilians.

Orbital Command Center Inferus

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