Santora Dakra-5

Designation: Santora (Dakra-5)

5th Planet of the twin star Dakra System
3 Moons
First colony of the Dakra System
Dakra-3 and Dakra-6 would, with little terraforming effort, be able to sustain their own colonies

Youngest of Humanities Colonies. Established not by a noble of the empire but fortuneseeking individuals in a frontier system, it has due to its distant nature not yet been assigned an aristocratic overseer
As such it proves to be a magnet for many a discontent element of human society.

Persons of Interest
Jonathan Sant – Head of the colonies founding family
Alexis Dupont (pseudonym) – Loudest of the anti royal voices rumored to be in hiding on santora

Aspect: Wild frontier

Santora Dakra-5

Indisputable: Unknown Territories karl_vestin karl_vestin